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Parameswaran’s Pepper Farm - The Black Pepper Haven In The Lap Of The Brahmagiri Mountain Reserve Ranges of Wayanad.

Parameswaran’s Wayanad Black Pepper is the world’s first Wayanad Black Pepper to be on the market boasting its true origin; Wayanad, back in 1988. 

Para's Wayanad Black Pepper
Wayanad Black Pepper - Flowers turning into spikes.

Where does Para’s Wayanad Black Pepper come from? 

Also called Aranya Farm, nestled in the embrace of the Brahmagiri ranges in the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, is the haven of Parameswaran’s Special Wayanad Black Pepper. The farm boasts an ideal environment for black pepper cultivation. Amidst a number of forest dwelling tribal communities and a strong presence of Elephants and Tigers, Parameswaran stumbled upon this very soil-rich haven in the valley during the early 80’s looking for a small patch of land where he could cultivate paddy and banana. During the early '80s, Parameswaran serendipitously discovered and acquired a small piece of land from a family cultivating coffee and paddy. Little did he know about pepper or that Thirunelli - primarily a pilgrim valley inadvertently was a black pepper goldmine.Over the years, the farm transformed into a multi-crop haven, harmoniously nurturing Coffee, Banana, Arecanut, Rice, Black Pepper and Turmeric. 

How did we become the first to export 'Wayanad Black Pepper' while everybody was keen on 'Tellicherry Black Pepper'?

In a strategic departure from the Tellicherry Black Pepper trend that the west well adored, Parameswaran aimed to showcase the unique potential of Wayanad Pepper. Recognising that Tellicherry was merely a port for the pepper trade, he delved into perfecting the art of growing, processing, and packaging black pepper. In 1988, a small batch reached the UK, garnering unexpected appreciation and propelling Parameswaran into a pursuit of excellence.

In fact there were almost little to no black pepper vines in Tellicherry, an adjoining coastal district to Wayanad. 

Focused on quality over quantity, Parameswaran tailored his craft for a select audience. Valvona & Crolla, Edinburgh, an esteemed Italian Deli known for its commitment to quality and catering to a segment of customers who really appreciate quality, became a loyal supporter and have been stocking his black pepper since decades. The Continis, owners of Valvona & Crolla, developed a lasting friendship with Parameswaran.

Today, Para's Aranya Farm's Wayanad Black Pepper stands unrivalled, receiving acclaim from spice critics such a Jill Norman and enthusiasts. This journey, marked by dedication and appreciation, has elevated Parameswaran's Wayanad black pepper to a level beyond comparison, making Aranya Farm a beacon of excellence in the world of premium black pepper with much appreciated the broad range of exquisite fruity, nutmeg taste notes with clean penetrating aftertaste.

Parameswaran's Aranya Wayanad Black Pepper Vine
Para's Wayanad Black Pepper

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